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Airline Loyalty Program - Reward your passengers with a frequent flyer program.


Are you an airline that truly wants to practice customer retention but doesn't want to spend the majority of your marketing budget on an airline loyalty program? Loyalty Gator is your perfect solution. Get an edge over the competition with your own loyalty program. Loyal customers spend more money. Loyalty Gator is an affordable customer retention program that's customized for your airline. Increase traffic, spending, and word of mouth with a rewards program for your customers. Plus, start tracking your customer activity to pin-point your most loyal passengers, how often they're flying, and what motivates them. 


How would you use Loyalty Gator to benefit your airline service? 

  • Offer a robust frequent flyer program at a minimal cost
  • Reward passengers for flying with you and encourage repeat business
  • Encourage passengers to purchase upgrades and add-ons
  • Offer a tiered platform (silver, gold, platinum) for various customer segments 
  • Stay connected to your passengers and inform them of special offers 


The options are endless... Tell us how you want to create your own program or allow our loyalty marketing experts to develop a custom solution just for you. Contact Us today to learn more about how an airline loyalty program can benefit you!

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