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Gift cards.
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Gift cards are the most popular gift. Customers love them. So do businesses. Here’s why: They look great in the store, branded with your company logo. They take up little room, leaving your precious retail real estate free for product. Most gift cards aren’t redeemed right away. This allows you to bank the cash and collect interest or use it for other operations. Many gift cards are never completely used, leaving a balance for you to claim as profit. 


Gift cards are a near $100,000,000,000 industry. Studies show that people spend more on gift cards than paper certificates and 51% of consumers who receive gift cards spend more than the card's initial value. In addition to increased customer spending, gift cards are a valuable tool for many reasons:

  • Gift cards are reloadable (sometimes) and can help you repeat the process and increase profit
  • Gift card customers are more likely to purchase items at full price, allowing you to keep healthy profit margins
  • Less merchandise returns. Gift cards allow customers to purchase what they want, greatly decreasing the return of merchandise and allowing your employees to be more productive

Loyalty Gator offers a gift card program for small, medium and large businesses. The best part about the gift card program is we have NO transaction fees! This alone can save bigger businesses tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars every year! 



Work with our partners and get a custom design for your own branded gift cards with a look that's unique to your business. Our gift card programs allow you to encourage customers to register online, allowing you to collect more valuable information about your customers. Plus, our gift cards are reloadable!


Connect multiple merchants to a single gift card program. Coalitions are generally geared towards shopping centers and franchises. Find out more about our coalition gift card program here.  

Check out our ultra competitive rewards programs and gift card pricing. Special packages are available for multiple locations to create a customer gift card program unique to your organization.


More Sales

82% of businesses say offering gift cards has resulted in an increase in sales - Small Business Marketing



More Gifting

Gift cards are the most profitable square foot of selling space at many retail sites. Eight out of ten people would include gift cards among their holiday shopping purchases 



More Spending

40% of shoppers using a retailer's card bought items at full price, while only 16% of shoppers using other payment methods bought at full price


Loyalty Gator makes it affordable to have your own gift card program. Our low monthly pricing comes packed with lots of great features and no transaction fees! free loyalty trial