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Two-Tier loyalty programs

The Two-Tier loyalty system connects multiple merchants to a shared points or gift card program where the customer earns a bonus each time they perform a transaction at a participating merchant. The Two-Tier loyalty program is great for shopping centers, buy local initiatives, or charities. Click here to learn more about Two-Tier Programs.

A Two-Tier loyalty system allows multiple merchants to be connected to a shared loyalty program while providing a high level of independence for each participating merchant. 

Each time customers earn points at a merchant, they not only earn points that can be spent back exclusively at that merchant, but they will have also earned a percentage of points toward a shared campaign. 

Here’s an example: Let’s say a customer goes shopping and earns 50 points at Merchant 1. Assuming your Two-Tier loyalty system is using a 10% contribution ratio, that customer will have 50 points they can redeem exclusively at Merchant 1, and also 5 points that can be redeemed exclusively within their ‘second tier’. In a shopping center, the second tier may be used for the mall kiosk where customers could redeem their points for specific shopping center related items such as parking validation or gift cards.   

Each participating merchant on the Two-Tier loyalty solution can have its own point per dollar ratio, special promotions, and set of rewards. System administrators can obtain reports to see how many points each merchant has awarded and redeemed at any time.