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Retail merchants big and small (online and brick-and-mortar) should start planning strategic promotions in the fall (or sooner!) to take advantage of the increased traffic and convert new faces into long-term loyal customers. A versatile rewards program can help you get the most our of your holiday shopping visitors this season. You can setup the below promotions within your Loyalty Gator program within minutes, however you'll want to start planning your overall holiday strategy in advance to allow time for marketing materials, incentive ideas, and staffing! 

Bonus Points
Consider offering bonus points on purchases of $X or more. Your existing loyalty members will love filling up their carts with gifts while cashing in on the extra points for themselves! Additionally, new customers who are shopping for friends/family will enjoy rewarding themselves for a long day of shopping by joining your program and earning something special.

Gift Card Gifts
The promotion “Give $X, Get $Y” is very attractive for shoppers looking to save a little on holiday gifts. Imagine - in the middle of your shopping frenzy- seeing a sign at a retail store “Give $50, Get $10” - with every $50 gift card purchased, you’ll get a $10 gift card in return. It’s always nice to feel like you’re getting something for “nothing” or at least, something you were going to do anyway - like buy gifts. However, one benefit for the merchant is that the recipient of those gift cards will come in and most likely spend more than the value of the card. Another benefit is that the store has increased spending by attracting the initial customer with the promotion.

Promotional Member Contest
Don’t let customers walk out the door (or click to another page) without becoming a member – at least, that’s the goal! Why not offer a really interesting contest to your shoppers? To enter, they just have to be a rewards member and if they’re not yet already, it’s very simple and quick to sign up now! After the holidays, send out an email to all members (ensure you have permission to email them) to notify them of the winner of your contest (maybe include a picture of the happy winners) to thank everyone for entering. To take advantage of this email fully, consider adding a small members-only incentive for next time they visit. Incentives don't have to be costly - some of the best member perks are experiences or unique benefits customers can't buy (think VIP treatment).

Check-in Promo
Save time during the hectic shopping days and display a kiosk (secured tablet works!) to allow members to check-in and earn X points. Each day they visit, they’ll earn bonus points and the best part – there’s nothing for your staff to enter! Customers sign in themselves and see “Hello Jane, you’ve just earned 50 bonus points today. Thanks for visiting.” Done. In between customer check-ins, have your tablet/kiosk display special promotions or new products to save your staff even more time explaining the specials. Plus it works on your own computer or tablet so no need to purchase additional equipment! 

Inquire about our Loyalty Gator Customer Check-In Application to get started or ask us how we can help with your specific promotions!